Making Christ known by the way we live, the way we love, and the way we go.



The Word of Christ

We celebrate the Bible that reveals the story of God’s love for people in Jesus Christ, calling sinners to salvation and walk in obedience to Him. When we embrace the Word of Christ we become disciples.

The Worship of Christ

We participate in the Spirit enabled exaltation and celebration of God for His work of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ, for sinners. When we embrace the Worship of Christ we become lovers of God.

The Community of Christ

We seek to create a biblical community that encourages one another to love and live for Jesus Christ and equips them to serve the church and the world. When we embrace the Community of Christ we become family.

The Mission of Christ

We send people out to our local community, and the world beyond, to love them by sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and teaching them to follow Him. When we embrace the Mission of Christ we become missionaries.


We want to help people embrace and equip these values for life and in the places where we live. We believe that for most of us, there are three primary areas where life happens for us: in the family, at work, and in our community (our location—where we live). We exist as people in these three areas. Because of this Mission Church wants to help people connect the joy of following Jesus with where they live, for we believe that only then will we really live joyful, meaningful lives. Therefore in everything we do at Mission Church we want to help people connect these values to their day to day lives practically, not just theoretically.