Once a week Mission Church gathers together as a community of Christ, shaped by the Word of Christ, in order to worship Christ. It is at this gathering where we will sing and praise God together and then sit under the biblical teaching provided by our pastors. It is our desire that the teaching provided is Christ-exalting and helpful, not just to provide biblical information, but to help you connect the Word of God to life and equip you to be an active participant in the mission of Christ where you live.

Mission Groups

One of the ways we learn how to be the community of Christ is by being in community with one another and doing life together. At Mission Church we believe that our weekly gatherings are designed to help us come together corporately to worship and exalt Jesus Christ. In order for us to grow as a community we need to do life together in community as well as serve the wider community, together. Mission Groups are designed to provide people with opportunities to connect with others where they live in home based small groups, but we don't stop there. We believe that people also grow together when they serve together. We are called to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, because of this we want to be strategic in how we go about doing life together in community. We want to meet together and serve together, on mission for Christ. That's why we call our home based small groups, Mission Groups.


At Mission Church we believe the Bible calls parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their children. We want to come alongside families and help them grow together in the Lord.

At present, as a small gathering of Christ-followers, our weekly gatherings and small group meetings include the whole family, but as we grow we want to incorporate more age specific discipleship components. Our desire is to help the entire family live, love, and go for Jesus; at work, school, in their neighborhoods, at recitals, and on the ball field. We believe families together have a powerful witness in their communities to make Christ known.

Biblical Counseling

At Mission Church we believe that because God is the author of life, it is only God who can provide us with answers to the most important questions of life: Why am I here? What is wrong with the world? And, what is the remedy for what’s wrong?

We believe that the Bible, God’s Word, provides people with not only the truth about what’s wrong with the world and why we are here, but also unfolds the story of God’s remedy for our situation: our redemption, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible demonstrates that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is transformative, it changes who we are. This transformation and lasting change happens as a result of our relationship with Jesus Christ that is enabled by God’s Spirit, conforms to His Word, and is experienced in community with other disciples of Jesus Christ.

We believe that real hope for real problems can be found in a real Savior who has given us His Word to provide real healing, real freedom, and real joy.

If you would like to make an appointment with us for care, please contact us.